Monday, December 15, 2014

Here we go again

This was me, about a year into my Crossfit journey!
5 years ago, right around this time actually, I wrote my very first blog post for the Beautifully Strong Project. My goal was to give myself accountability on my new health and fitness venture so I wouldn't pansy out and stop going. What I didn't realize was that it would become a 3+ year long project that not only helped ME keep with my fitness goals, but helped others as well (how cool!).

Fast forward to present day. I just recently had a baby, Bennett Grey, (8 weeks ago already!) with the love of my life (Nick) and I honestly believe that Crossfit and Chiropractic made my pregnancy and labor the dream that it was. Due to a healthy pregnancy and a very boring, straight forward home birth (:-p),I was back at it in the gym after 4 weeks, and boy did I get a reality check. I had lost A LOT of strength. Now this is not to say that I wasn't warned. My sweet husband tried to remind me over and over that I would be in less shape than I was while pregnant, but I had no idea how winded I would be, how it would feel to have the sensation of your lady parts falling out, and to have absolutely ZERO core strength. The part I didn't realize would be the hardest of all, however, was the mental aspect. I told myself I wouldn't compare post-baby Jen to pre-baby Jen...but that is literally all I have done.
9 months pregnant

In the WOD today (Nancy) I looked up at the board on the wall with all of the best times for "Nancy" and there I was at the top of the list. I had this moment of wanting to swear, quit and cry (don't you miss my dramatic antics?) when I realized I couldn't do my overhead squats with the same weight, but had to drop it down 20 big ones; do one whole less round; and STILL come in around the same time as my time up on the board. This is when I slapped myself around a bit, puffed up my chest and said, "Get the eff over it Jen, you're starting over, and that's okay". So, naturally, it made sense to me that with a new "project", maybe there needs to be a new blog. Wah-lah, Mommy Strong was born (with far less recovery time than Bennett :-p).

So I am looking forward to sharing my new fitness journey with you, lots of stories about being a new mommy, Pinterest DIY projects (including the fails),coffee antics, adventures with me and the hubs, and more more MORE! This is not solely about Crossfit, you've been times even, you may think its a mommy blog (maybe it will be!). This really is about my life, and anyone who cares to can share the ride with me.

Much love,