Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lesson Learned

Last night I learned a major lesson the hard way.

As my husband Nick, myself, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law to be sat around exchanging gifts, we made a couple return trips to the bucket of tasty chocolate treats sitting on the coffee table. My body was telling me that I had enough, but my mouth was saying "piss off, I want another" (apparently my mouth is English).

As I tucked baby B back in around 11, I snuggled down into my covers and shut out the day...until 2 short hours later. Rinse and repeat for the duration of the evening...  It got ESPECIALLY fun, for Bennett, at around 4:30am; he was straight up having a dance party and making sure that everyone around him knew how much fun he was having.

Bennett be like...
This is when it reminded me of a conversation I was having with my hair stylist that morning about coffee and her baby not sleeping when she had it. Typically my usual cup of coffee in the AM doesn't seem to affect Bennett at all, but I guess I didn't seem to connect chocolate with caffeine and happily stuffed my face with them. Touche caffeine, touche.

This morning, feeling awful and wired from lack of sleep, I started researching breastfeeding specific diets. A lot of what I already know/do is what I came up with (Paleo, Western A Price), but a particular diet that has always somewhat intimidated me (GAPS diet) kept coming up over and over. I ended up purchasing this book to dive into it a bit more. Have any of you read it? Done it? I should add, this is not a book strictly for "curing" learning disabilities...the diet is created to heal your gut, and our gut health is greatly related to our overall health.

And all of this was flying through my head just because I wanted Bennett to go to sleep. (holy cow, side rant, go to Google and type in "go to sleep" and then look at the images. What the hell people!?!)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. I'll probably go to the craft store and maybe a trip to the fancy health food market across town if I play my cards right (HAHA, I wish I could say I was kidding here...).

Much love,