Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Spending Freeze: Week 2 Reflection

Week 2 reflection!

Wow, I can't believe we've gone through two weeks of no (non-essential) spending already!! I do have to say, I FOUND $20 on the ground the other day (next to the elevator...that is the only time being lazy has ever paid off), and have used some of that money (found money is allowed on the challenge for the record, look it up :-p oh, and yes I did look around to see if anyone was around who may have dropped it. I took it as a gift for holding strong on this challenge), but only about half of it. Other than that, I have only bought groceries, and I have to say I feel it is getting easier and easier! So here we go, week 2 reflection!...

What creative projects did you tackle this week?

Oh man, I feel red hot with enthusiasm for life this week! Let me tell you, reading and personal development really makes me feel on FIRE for life (whoops, I should have put a nerd-alert warning before that sentence)! This week I made homemade kombucha, paleo bread and decluttered my closet (all the while MAJORLY downsizing my wardrobe). Let me get more specific for each of these:


This was a MAJOR money pit for me before this challenge. I had a $5 a day kombucha habit that turned into a daily $30 expenditure because I couldn't go into Whole Foods and JUST buy a kombucha obviously...I had to buy ALL the things (and $30 is pretty much the smallest amount of money you can walk out of Whole Foods having spent). Try THIS kombucha recipe.


I recently stumbled across a paleo sandwich bread recipe that was super easy to do. I don't think anyone would be fooled if there was a blind tasting, but its delicious with butter and jam, or peanut butter on it. I'll take it!


With my combination of the challenge and "Madame Chic" (read about this book in the next section question), the message to clean out my closet was coming from every angle. So I weeded through my closet on two separate occasions, pruning and thinning. What I have learned and realized after my second weeding is that my closet LOOKS prettier!!! I actually feel like I have prettier things, and more to wear (and I only have probably a 1/4 of what I had before). Each item is one that I love and regularly wear, so each time I stand in front of it it is no longer "what do I wear, I have nothing!" its "what should I wear, I love everything so much!" Does this mean I won't buy more clothes? Mais non (can you tell one of my current goals is to finally learn french?)! I will, however, be much more discerning with each purchase, and there will be purchases of far higher QUALITY, rather than mass consumerism for quantity purposes.

What were you inspired by this week?

I am currently reading the book "Madame Chic: 20 style tips I learned while living in Paris". There are so many reasons I love this book, but one of them is that each chapter is pretty short...a major bonus when you have a 3 month old who loves your attention! It doesn't just talk about french clothing style (which I will admit is why I originally bought it...I am apparently obsessed with the french), but how the Parisians live the good life in general. Supposedly the french have a 10 item closet for each season; a capsule wardrobe if you will. This was the thing that finally tipped me over the edge and sent me into a Tasmanian rage through my closet; if the uber chic french can live with 10 items of super quality clothing, I can at least get rid of the things I don't actually wear regularly.

On top of that book inspiring me this week, I have two new Paleo cookbooks that have me reading recipes in bed:  ZenBelly Cookbook and Against All Grains. Not going out to eat is a lot easier when you make delicious things at home. (In case you were wondering, the bread recipe that I made this week came from the Against All Grains cookbook).

Finally, I looked up free museums days at the museums in my town (did you KNOW that most museums have a free day??) and marked them in my calendar!

What has been the biggest struggle for you this week? How were you tempted (or did) cheat this week?

I made the fatal mistake of going window shopping on State St with Bennett. Poor Bennett, I blame him and his need for being "out in the world" for me walking into Anthropologie, Free People and my favorite thrift shop (even though he slept through most of it). I came uncomfortably close to blowing this whole challenge on a dress in Anthro...but I pulled through...whew...that was a close one!

What are your goals for next week?

Just keep on keepin on!!

How about you?!